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iPhone 3's are quick and painless repairs that take about 20 minutes to complete. Although they are more rare then other devices, iGeek Repair Center will never stop repairing them because we know that customers do not always like upgrading their phones. If anything happens to your iPhone 3G or 3GS, then bring it by to iGeek Repair Center for a quick fix. Like all of our repairs, these ones also come with a 90 day parts and labor warranty.

iPhone 3G/3GS Repairs Include

Free Diagnostic Service repair
Diagnostic Service

Free  Diagnostic Service repair
Diagnostic Service

$59.00 Glass & Led Replacement repair
Glass & Led Replacement

$19.99 Back Cover Replacement repair
Back Cover Replacement

$80.00 Front Glass,Led & Back Glass Replacement repair
Front Glass,Led & Back Glass Replacement

$59.00  Glass & LCD Replacement repair
Glass & LCD Replacement

$30.00 Back Camera Replacement repair
Back Camera Replacement

$19.99 White Back Cover Replacement repair
White Back Cover Replacement

Free Water Damage Repair Diagnosis repair
Water Damage Repair Diagnosis

$29.00 Battery Replacement repair
Battery Replacement

$29.00 Charger Port Repair repair
Charger Port Repair

$29.00 Front Camera Repair repair
Front Camera Repair

$29.00 Button Repair repair
Button Repair

$29.00 Power Button Repair repair
Power Button Repair

$49.00 Volume Button Repair repair
Volume Button Repair

$49.99 Vibrator Replacement repair
Vibrator Replacement

$29.00 Microphone Repair repair
Microphone Repair

$29.00 Loud Speaker Repair repair
Loud Speaker Repair

$29.00 Head phone Jack  Repair repair
Head phone Jack Repair

$29.00 Speaker  Repair repair
Speaker Repair

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iphone parts boise